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Globish Academy is a social network site where you can enjoy communication in Globish, the world common language. We welcome any of you who wishes to unite the world as one in the same language.

Before signing up, please go to Terms and Conditions of Use, and agree all articles. On the administration of personal information which is collected by Globish Academy, you can check out Privacy Policy. For further information about this web site and Globish, you can visit About This Site. If you have any question, you can Contact Us by e-mail.

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How to Sign Up

Here are the sign-up proceduresway of doing something for Globish Academy. When you have a trouble in sign-up process, please read this articlea piece of writing carefully, and report to the administratora person in charge what process you are on.

Procedure 1.

First of all, go and read Terms and Condition of Use, and agree all articles before you start using Globish Academy. Notes:

Procedure 2.

Fill out the required information on the Sign Up screenthe surface of a computer on which pictures and data are shown - (1) First Name, (2) Last Name, (3) Email, (4) Password - then push orangea bright reddish-yellow color 'Sign Up' button.


  • The First Name and Last Name should be your real name. You can re-name yourself as Global Name (which is so-called nicknamean informal name for someone or something, especially a name that you are called by your friends or family, usually based on your real name or your character ) in the later process of sign-up. Only your Global Name is exposedshown to other users in practice of the service on Globish Academy. Your real name is basically intended for administration and further premiummore valuable than usual service which will be provided in the future. See also our Privacy Policy.
  • Your e-mail account should be properly available. There are often the cases you can not complete sign-up procedures because of your e-mail account problem.

    Please make sure if:

    1. you simply mistype e-mail address
    2. your e-mail account is full and can not receive e-mail any more befre deleting some of them
    3. your e-mail server blocks from receving e-mail for some reason
    4. the e-mail is recognized as a spam and has been moved to trush box

  • Your password is changable after signing-up. However, in case you forget it before completing sign-up procedures, you can try to sign up from the beginning with the same e-mail address in order to reset your password.

Procedure 3.

Globish Academy will automatically send an e-mail with the title "Confirmation of Sign-up" to your e-mail account. Click the Internet address suggested in the e-mail, and come back to Globish Academy with your Internet browser in order to confirm your e-mail address is right.


  • The e-mail should reach you in no time. If you don't receive it more than 5 minutes after pushing 'Sign Up' button, try to make sure if e-mail address you filled in the text on the Sign Up screen is right. See also procedure 2 in a note about e-mail problem.

Procedure 4.

On Edit Profile screen, fill in further detailed information about you. Then "Submit" it.


  • Global Name is your name which is recognized by other users in Globish Academy. It has your First Name in the beginning, but you can change it.
  • Middle Name is not required if you don't have it.
  • Information with * (asterisk character) will be exposed to other users in Globish Academy. Other information is intended only for administration and further premium service.
  • In introduction, please try to make an attractive self-introduction, so that you can get more friends!
  • After pushing "Submit" button, you can start using Globish Academy.