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Globish Academy is a social network site where you can enjoy communication in Globish, the world common language. We welcome any of you who wishes to unite the world as one in the same language.

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About Globish Academy

Welcome to Globish Academy! This is the website where you can enjoy communication in Globish with people from all over the world. You can also learn Globish here.

Today, we are all connected on the Internet with inexpensive electric devices regardless of national borders, geographical difficulties, economic circumstances, and any kinds of differences among us. Still, language difference remains to prevent us from free global association.

If all of us can use English language at least to an enough degree of making ourselves understood and understanding others in the world, that would let things go very well, and that would also help us to unite the world as one. Thus we are trying to normalizing the language.

English is diversified in many countries or areas with different accents and vocabulary sets, namely African English, Hindi English, Singlish, Canadian English and Australian English in addition to British English and American English. Non-English speaking countries also take it for granted learning English is essencial in global communication. Native or non-native, we all have been using one of local Englishes for life, and can hardly define one as the world standard English.

Globish, which is named by Jean-Paul Nerriere, is the concept that English language can be the world common language when people respect and share the same limitation provided; basic 1,500 words and 5,000 extended words, within 15 words in a sentence, without too difficult grammar, in plain expressions without idioms, analogies, or local humor that others may misunderstand. It also requires extra tolerance for difference of accents and any other differences in communication manner.

We strongly believe we can drastically expand the network of this community all over the world if we start using the world common language, Globish, which is spoken by none of us as the first native language.

We all come together here!